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I am a 25 year old writer, boss and wife. I am a lover a life, candle addict and dog mom. I love every piece and nook of my life, even when it gets crazy and I don’t know Wednesday from Sunday. You will see as you get to know me, I wear many hats (I just shared a few), but in addition to these I’m a shop owner, creative freelancer and creative director for my husbands photography business. Yes, time is pretty nonexistent to me.

However, as I recently became more drowned in these hats, I realized that I was getting away from my original passion-writing. So now I’m returning. This will be my home and hub for everything that involves my life and how I keep everything together [or don’t] as I manage three businesses and a side-hustle. You will get to know me through my words and hopefully they will change you, educate you and intrigue you to interact with me.

For as long as I can remember, I’ve been a creative and for even longer, I’ve been a writer. I remember writing daily in countless journals from when I was 11 years old through high school. Finding self-expression, voice and an outlet for my emotions was amazing and something I knew I’d always do.

My freshman year in high school, I joined our newspaper team and was given the opportunity to write in our local newspaper, The Gary Post-Tribune the same year. I wrote about controversial things that were talked about, but no one ever did anything about them such as ending discrimination and violence against the LGBT community (especially high school kids), and the community coming together to keep our city safe and clean (even when the politicians didn’t).

These topics were so controversial, that they pulled my opinion column from the paper. Not just because of my topics, but because they couldn’t believe at 14/15 years old that I was writing them. Oh, but I was, and I had plenty more to say.

My writing landing me countless scholarships, and gave me the ability to study Journalism & Strategic Communications at Butler University. The Post-Tribune wouldn’t be the last time my voice was silenced. I tackled more difficult topics at Butler, such as what it was like being Black at a PWI. However, some “mysterious” tips ended my time on their newspaper.

As you can see, I like to talk about things that are real. Things that are happening now. Things that make people uncomfortable or rethink their mindset and perspective. I love that writing is a vehicle that can do that and really change people. Of course, after being silenced and isolated from discussing what I want, I began to create my own outlets!

In July of 2015, I created The Strength of SHE, which is a women’s empowerment blog for young black women that focuses on life, health and beauty. SHE is my baby and has grown so much in one year. In under a year, we were able to gain 11,000 followers on social media. We also branched out to be a shop as well, The She Shop, and host local events in Indianapolis. You will read about my experience with SHE and tips I have from experience and a marketer for other bloggers and entrepreneurs.

I hope you enjoy your time here and follow me on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter @aishadherring to keep up!

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