August Goals

august goals

I believe that goal setting is pretty important. It helps you stay on top of what your vision is for month and ensure that you’re on track to reach it. Even if you don’t complete everything on your goal list, completing something is a success. Plus, having goals left over for the next month gives you a place to start. Goals give you focus, but also can help you rid of a procrastination habit if you put dates on these. It’s nice if your goals can be a piece of a major annual goal puzzle, but they should be fun as well!

I’m going to make these monthly goals that I will share my personal and professional goals for each month and then the following month, I’ll let you know if I reached them!

  • Publish two to three blogs per week at minimum on this website
  • Go to the State Fair! (This is an ultimate must every year)
  • Get ahead of schedule for The Strength of SHE
  • Have a shoot for my new store, Fearlessly Faithful Co
  • Find a new self-care and relaxation method
  • Ride my bike at least three times per week
  • Walk my dog more often—feeling like a bad dog mom lately
  • Announce my latest project (yes, get excited!)
  • Purge my closet and reorganize our bedroom

What are some of your August goals?

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