Mindset Coaching

Help You Break Down Your Walls of Fear

I can help you stop living in doubt and fear, step out on faith and put a plan with your dream to make it an actual goal! To have a goal, you need a dream, passion, plan of action and a spirit of purpose. Stop listening to naysayers and friends telling you, “Oh your time will come”. What if it doesn’t? What if it has and you were too busy waiting for all of your circumstances to align? The circumstances will not always align and no situation will be perfect, but done beats perfect any day!

Marketing & Social Media Coaching

Build a Brand You’re Proud of & Be Seen by Your Target Audience

I run across so many awesome brands with great missions all the time, but see that they don’t have high engagement or suffer from really slow growth. While creating a successful brand has a lot to with creating valuable content, what’s the use of creating valuable content no one will see.

Do you know who your audience is? I mean really know your audience. Is she a single mom, college woman or newly natural? Does she prefer to read or love quick, sweet content like videos? How old is she? Where does she hang out?

Once you figure this out, then you need to ask yourself, am I where she is? Am I reaching her in the best way possible?

I will help you look at these things, develop a social media strategy and then grow your audience.


I would love to give you a 30 minute clarity session to evaluate your mindset and marketing needs! After the call, we will be able to complete a plan for your brand.

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