live fearlesslyHi dreamer! I’m Aisha Herring, a Mindset and Marketing Coach for female entrepreneurs and bloggers ready to live fearlessly and go from a dreamer to a believer. That’s right! You can dream all you want, but you must first believe in yourself in order to turn dreams into a reality. I’m here to push you past your comfort zone and prepare you for a new life that you will love. I did exactly this and now live a life I wouldn’t trade for the world!

I believe that anyone can live a life of their dreams with the right tools, support and willingness to work hard. We all have dreams of living a life where we can wake up, do yoga, have lunch with friends and literally make money in our sleep. Okay, maybe not that exactly—but close right? We basically want lives where we aren’t slaving to fulfill someone else’s dreams and fill everyone’s pockets, but our own. We want purpose and peace, which I find it hard to believe that it can be found in a cubical.

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